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Oregon Flood insurance coverage

Homeowner Association Insurance

Owning a property that is part of a larger association can be a great option. Homes that are part of an association often come with a variety of amenities including shared maintenance services, security services, and a sense of community. Those that are responsible for managing associations will need to make many important decisions to ensure the association continues to run well. For those associations that are in Oregon, one important decision is choosing the right association insurance policy. Association insurance can provide a number of important types of insurance coverage.

Liability Insurance

One of the types of coverage that you will get with association insurance is liability insurance coverage. All associations are taking on some risk when someone comes into the property. This can include both residents and guests. If someone is injured while they are in the community, they could try and pursue damages from the association. The association insurance policy will provide coverage for these situations.

Property Coverage

When you own a property in a condominium building, your condo insurance policy will provide you with property coverage for your individual unit. However, it will not provide any coverage for the rest of the building. If the building is damaged by a fire, storm, or another type of casualty, the association insurance policy will provide coverage for the common elements of the building. This can include providing protection for the roof, walls, and other common shared parts of the property.

When you are looking for a new association insurance policy in Oregon, speaking with the Evans Insurance Agency can be a good first step. The Evans Insurance Agency will be able to provide you with a number of association insurance options and help you to pick the right policy to meet your association's needs.